Mickey Mouse Train (Choo Choo Train)


Product Description

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Let your child go on a magical ride with one of the most beautiful Disney toy, the Mickey Mouse Choo Choo Train! Be sure that you little one will be fascinating by this toy!
The product is recommended for children over 36 months, both boys and girls. Its dimensions are 4.9 x 11 x 5.2 inches and weights 3.8 pounds. If you want a great beginner train, this Disney toy is extremely user friendly.

The Mickey Mouse Choo Choo Train set includes 12 pieces of track (very easy to assemble), two signs and a crossing gate, plus a little Mickey figure, the train and a trailer. The Choo Choo Train lays on its own tracks and plays songs as it lays there or even fun phrases as the train goes around the track. All of these songs are happy and funny and they will surely catch your child’s attention. More, the pieces are intensely colored in green, yellow, red, blue and violet. Little Mickey Mouse conductor is wearing a special blue uniform and is very happy to ride his magical train. Also, the train seems to be very happy to go around the track, because it has designed a happy smiling face. This positive attitude will certainly be transmitted to your child!

The Choo Choo Train is a special Disney toy because it features two fun ways to play. In Magic Mode, the Mickey Mouse Choo Choo Train knows the way to go and kids can sit back and watch the engine magically pick up and lay down the train track all by itself. On the other way, in Classic Mode, kids can set up the track and take Mickey for a ride while a “Choo Choo Song” plays and the whistle blows! This magical train set includes 10 track pieces. All your child has to do to turn it on is press down on the yellow Mickey Mouse head on the front of the locomotive.

Though, it is not necessary to play the Choo Choo Train only on the track. It works great on hard surface floor, or even on carpet. Kids will be pleased to play it and having the possibility to make their own routes over the floor in their room. You will also be happy for keeping your child busy for many hours!

You don’t have to worry that the train will broke if it is took off from the track. This Disney toy is extremely durable. For example, it can take several adventures off of the stairs and still continues to chug right along!